Is the end near for religion?

“At the heart of every civilization, religious values are asserted.” — Fernand Braudel Even at this season that should be about spiritual re-awakening, it is hard to deny that we live in an increasingly post-religious civilization. Virtually everywhere in the high-income world, faith, particularly tied close to institutionalized religion, has been dropping for a decade, […]

Can Evangelicalism Survive Donald Trump and Roy Moore?

For centuries, renewal movements have emerged within Christianity and taken on different forms and names. Often, they have invoked the word “evangelical.” Followers of Martin Luther, who emphasized the doctrine of salvation by faith alone, described themselves in this way. The Cambridge clergyman Charles Simeon, who led the Low Church renewal movement within the Church of […]

Baltimore Murder Rate Surges Again In 2017 (Now Tied With Venezuela); Here’s How Your City Fared…

Once again this year, the Brennan Center for Justice has analyzed violent crime stats from the 30 largest cities in America to provide some insight on national trends.  Not surprisingly, this year’s report is full of more bad news for the residents of cities like Baltimore and Chicago that have experienced devastating spikes in homicides over the […]

American Jews — Not Just the Orthodox — Should Join Christians in Defending Religious Liberty

In a recent piece entitled “Why are Orthodox Organizations Embracing Christian Values?” Rabbi Jill Jacobs attacked Orthodox Jews for opposing the Obama Administration’s now-rescinded health insurance mandate, which required employers to provide or be complicit in providing some abortion-inducing drugs and sterilizations. She incorrectly suggested that this position conflicts with Jewish law, suggesting that these Orthodox Jews came […]

What Writers Can Take Away From the Bible

For Min Jin Lee, the author of Pachinko, writing a novel is a nearly god-like act of creation, a way to preside over a small universe that authors fashion in the image of their beliefs. In a conversation for this series, she explained why her commitment to third-person “omniscient” narration is not just an aesthetic choice, but […]

AT&T gives EVERY worker a $1,000 bonus

Some of America’s biggest companies gave workers a Christmas cheer Wednesday as they passed on some of their winnings from a dramatic corporate tax cut. AT&T said that it will pay $1,000 bonuses to more than 200,000 employees – and promised to make $1 billion in new investments in the United States next year – once a […]