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Where Is God in a Mass Shooting? 

A few hours ago I was on the phone with a friend in Las Vegas. He and his neighbors had just lived through, and will be living through for some time, the trauma of seeing in their own city the… Read More Source: Where Is God in a Mass Shooting? – Russell Moore

The Jesus Fruit and the Jesus Tree

223 21 1 The central problem with the white supremacists in Charlottesville is not so much that they hate blacks and Jews. Their central problem is that they hate God, and hate Jesus Christ. And the same thing goes for the anitfa agitators on the other side of the street. Scripture tells us what the […]

In Praise of Our President 

279 18 11 Okay, I am going to say something a little bit controversial. These are uncharted waters for me, so try to work with me on it. First, before I say it, in no way is this a walking back of the gospel truth I stated yesterday. Whites who hate blacks because of their […]

Justice in Historical Context

A feature article in a May 2017 issue of The Economist opens its discussion of the Six Day War with a clever play on the Genesis narrative: In the beginning they destroyed Egypt’s air force on the ground and knocked out the planes of Jordan, Iraq and Syria. That was Monday. Then they broke Egypt’s massive defences […]

How ‘Woke Theology’ is Weakening the Black Church – Just Thinking…for Myself

There is a movement afoot, particularly within black evangelical circles, to extol, if not exalt, social justice as the raison d’etre, that is, the most important reason and purpose, of the church today. I say ‘particularly’ because the aforementioned movement is not restricted only to the realm of black evangelicalism. The truth is there are also certain […]

The Church Has Always Known Theological Controversy

“Not again.” That was my first thought when Eugene Peterson’s comments on gay marriage came out. Regardless of the retraction, I knew the next few days would be ugly online. Various think-pieces (good and bad) would come, as would the tweets, the aggressive partisans, and the aggrieved bystanders in the middle, wringing their hands. I […]