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The Church and Islam: The Next Cover-up Scandal – Crisis Magazine

“#NotMyPope.” In the wake of Pope Francis’ equivocal response to the murder of a French priest by two Islamic jihadists, that’s the top trending hashtag in France and in Belgium. Which raises a question: Is the Pope doing more harm than good by continuing to deny—in the face of a mountain of evidence—that Islam has […]

The many meanings of Rio’s massive Christ statue

The 125-foot, concrete statue on a mountain overlooking Rio couldn’t appear more straightforward: It’s a giant Jesus with His arms outstretched. “Christ the Redeemer” — or “Cristo Redentor” — rises almost a half-mile into the Rio sky, and is perhaps the most recognizable Christian image in Latin America. Yet Cristo’s meaning to Brazilians varies. Some see it as […]

Let’s face it, Hollywood’s got a ‘religion problem’

The 2016 summer movie season has seen more than its share of critical and box-office disappointments, and more than its share of controversy. By far the bitterest commotion was over Paul Feig’s sex-swapped remake of “Ghostbusters”: Advance opposition was spiked with misogyny and racism, while advocates defended Feig’s attention to actresses and female viewers in […]

Why Donald Trump Appeals to Evangelicals

Why do conservative Christians like Donald Trump? It’s a question that has stumped pollsters, religion scholars, journalists, and pundits throughout this U.S. presidential election cycle. At first, some self-described evangelicals were skeptical of Trump, especially those who regularly attend church. But as of this summer, an estimated 94 percent of Republicans who identify as evangelicals […]

California lawmaker squelches debate on bill targeting Christian colleges

With the threat of litigation looming, California state Sen. Ricardo Lara today waived presentation of SB 1146 before the Assembly Appropriations Committee, sending it instead to the Appropriations Suspension Committee where it will be voted on—without discussion—Aug. 11. The bill would strip Christian post-secondary schools of their exemption from California’s non-discrimination law, based on their […]