Preaching about race: Keeping the big picture in view

About the time I received the request to write this article, a pastor contacted me through social media with some questions. They were sincere and humble questions he had as a white pastor about race and racial injustice—questions he probably did not want to ask publicly. Source: Preaching about race: Keeping the big picture in […]

Race And Torture In Chicago

Chicago is a city where almost 800 people were murdered in 2016. If you look at this statistics page, you will see that four out of five victims were black, and as far as police know, four out of five of the murderers were black. Source: Race And Torture In Chicago | The American Conservative

Religion and the African-American Experience

The Smithsonian’s new National Museum of African American History and Culture opens on September 24th on the National Mall in Washington. Correspondent Kim Lawton reports on the many ways it portrays the role of faith and spirituality in the African-American experience. She also talks with religious leaders about the impact they hope the new museum […]